about Modcom

MODCOM was established in 2007. Our factory is situated in Centurion and consists of high production machinery from Europe, which includes Beam Saws, CNC’s and Edge-banders. By using computer-controlled machinery, the accuracy and precision of our product is guaranteed, and a stable and consistence product can be supplied to the client every time.

  • Our services include inhouse delivery and installation, which gives us an advantage of organising and deploying our staff to be onsite when required.
  • We manufacture to customer specifications and work with the architects / interior designers to establish the look and feel required, and work with the customer / QS around the budgets to create a scenario that works for everyone.
  • Our main medium that we work with is Melamine with PVC edging, which is designed, cut, edged and CNC’d in our factory in Centurion. With that said, we can manufacture in veneer, DUCO and solid woods, although this normally is a small part of our production due to cost of materials and high labour content.
  • Over the past couple of years, we have been mainly focusing on student accommodation and the scope of works for these development include: Beds, desks, corkboards, BIC’s, room mirrors, bathroom mirrors, kitchens (for apartments and communal), receptions, back office furniture, guard houses, laundry’s, basically anything that involves wood and tops. We also supply tops as per your requirements. The most common, yet durable top that we use is the granite, while the Quartz composite is really becoming popular (bit pricey though).
  • Over the past 2 years, we have completed a development in Pretoria which houses 2600 students, smaller development in Cape Town which houses about 600 students and 600 student developments in Bloemfontein.
  • Then we are also involved at an upmarket old age homes with a company “Auria Senior Living” were we completed a substantial amount of upmarket units and front of house finishing, receptions, dining, bar, nurses stations and serving stations .
  • Our services include design, delivery and installation.

Louis Allison - Director